If there are floors that take a lot of beating day in and day out, it’s the one in installed in warehouses. Warehouse floors are much like garage floors when it comes to the amount of work done in there. While there seems to be less traffic in these places, they are very susceptible to damages such as scratches, heavy load, and stress.  

Garages are expected to withstand the weight of the vehicles parked in it. That’s the same with warehouses, although they are mostly dealing with forklifts instead. Even so, the concrete floors in garages and warehouses take in a lot of stress, which may cause them to eventually crack. If you want to strengthen your concrete floor, a good solution is to install an epoxy coating on it.  

The Benefits of Installing Epoxy Floors 

As stated previously, epoxy floors are designed to strengthen and protect the concrete underneath it. It is the best choice for covering if you’re installing a new floor in a garage or warehouse. Of course, the performance of the epoxy floor would depend on how it was installed and the type of materials used. If done right, then the benefits that you’re likely to get from it are the following:   

  1. Stain resistance

The epoxy floor is resistant from stains, more particularly oil stains. This is because they come with a protective layer. The stains won’t be able to penetrate this layer, which is why it is easy to just wipe them away.  

  1. Makes the floor less prone tocracks,scratching, and other damage 

A concrete floor is porous, which is why it is prone to scratching, cracks, and similar damage. With an epoxy coating installed on top of it, the inner layer of the concrete is shielded. The coating will also penetrate the small cracks that exist and seal them away.  

  1. Adds longevity to floors

Installing epoxy coating over a concrete floor adds many years of service to it. That’s the reason why a lot of garage owners would upgrade to an epoxy floor after seeing substantial damage on their garage. It’s highly advised that you add an epoxy coating to the concrete floor, after installing it to make it last twice as long.  

  1. Sustains more weight

Since the epoxy layer added to concrete makes it stronger, it only follows that the floor can withstand heavier weight. If your garage floor is crumbling after a truck was parked on it for a few hours, then it is time to switch to epoxy flooring instead.   

  1. Better heat and coldresistance.

The epoxy coating of floors makes it more resistant to cold and heat. This is why installing an epoxy floor is recommended for your outdoors and indoors. These floors would add functionality not just to your garage but to your entire home as well. The same goes true for warehouse owners. If you need epoxy coating services Phoenix, just call the professionals. Request for a quote and get the service underway as soon as possible.